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Why are we waiting?

Why are we waiting?

There’s nothing nicer on a Saturday then waking up when you’re ready, ambling out to the kitchen and relaxing over a coffee before the day begins. Usually I sit on the couch, watching the day unfold, both puppies relaxing next to me and sipping the coffee as I read the news. It’s a perfect start to the weekend.

So imagine my shock and horror to awake on Saturday morning to -1 degrees and no power. What is worse you ask? No heating or no coffee? Trust me it was the coffee. I raced back to bed and cowered under the covers while I searched the internet for the power supplier. Sure enough, there it was, power outage in our suburb until 9.30am. I quivered, I shook, I moaned and I wailed … it was only 7.30am!

Not the view from my window but part of our walk around the lake

Not the view from my window but part of our walk around the lake

As I vented my disgust the puppies harassed me. I could see their confusion, I’d been out of bed but why was I back it in? Why weren’t we walking? Cody stood over me pawing at the blankets, trying to pull them away. Cassie sat on my feet and sulked (it’s very obvious, lots and lots of big, deep and heavy sighs).

Eventually, realising I couldn’t stay in bed until the power returned I took the dogs for a walk. It was still -1 so it was jumpers, jacket, beanie and gloves which kept most of me warm. Only ten minutes into the walk and I was whinging and cranky; my head hurt from lack of caffeine. I stormed along the path not stopping for Cassie to smell the plants or Cody to leave his special scent; they were confused but kept running to keep up. By the time I got home I was muttering like a crazed woman.

Given my mood it's surprising I stopped to take a photo

Given my mood it’s surprising I stopped to take a photo

As I stepped inside I looked for the clue … there it was, the microwave clock was on and the fridge was humming. I abandoned the dogs, turned on the heater and made a coffee. For ten whole minutes I shut out the world to savour the bean, the special little brown bean that brings so much pleasure.

I only have one cup a day and that makes it even more precious. It’s a habit; an illusion and a comfort that makes me feel better. I’ve found plenty of websites to support my need, I’ve surrounded myself with friends who appreciate its importance in our lives and I’m obsessive about the mug, spoon and quantities in the mug.

The mug - a gift from a former employer who was Canadian

The mug – a gift from a former employer who was Canadian

My girlfriend asked me why I didn’t jump in the car to buy a coffee from a nearby café, other sane people might have done that but none of them make the coffee the way I like it. If my day doesn’t start with the exact mix each morning the sun shines a little less brightly. And yes, I will confirm what you are silently thinking … I am a very bad traveller.

Cody with his favourite toy - just because it's a cute photo

Cody with his favourite toy – just because it’s a cute photo


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