Dreams and the future


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The gorgeous Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones Hollywood.com

The gorgeous Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you get there? Or, are you like me, still working your way towards it?

I’m still undecided and it’s not unusual for me to change my mind regularly when asked to describe my dream job. You see, the thing is, I don’t want a job I want a lifestyle. A way of life that I love that would also conveniently pay me, hopefully well but I’d be happy with getting the basic needs met.

In my life I have wanted to be many things – a journalist covering the latest international event, an archaeologist in a Indiana Jones come Lara Croft way, an historian with the care of a medieval castle, the owner of a bed and breakfast with magnificent views across the ocean or a hybrid bookstore/café owner somewhere near the beach.

Truly I can see myself living each of those lives. I can picture myself in the middle of a conflict, hard hat held to my head, dust swirling and tanks rolling past as I scream the latest updates into a microphone. Or even, in the desert decked out in adventure gear ready to unravel the puzzle to the thousand year old mystery before the bad guys turn up to steal it from me. Or living near the beach serving coffee and cakes to patrons (or wine and cheese in the afternoons) while they explore the shelves and shelves of books.

Of course, I am none of these but neither are these things the romanticized adventure that my wishful thinking creates. Ultimately I’m realistic that all great jobs have an element of the ‘blah’, the bits and pieces that are motivating or uninteresting, but wouldn’t it be fun to live the adventure a bit more?

I got thinking about all these things after the latest milestone with my daughter – the university open day. She’s got her heart set on Egyptology at Macquarie University which, interestingly, can be studied through Ancient History, Archaeology or Arts.

As you can imagine I was pretty excited to be there and I have no doubt I’ll be living vicariously through her. The introductions were so exciting I almost wish I could go back to study and it doesn’t matter that none of the lecturers looked vaguely like Harrison Ford or Angelina Jolie; I could have listened to them for hours.

So many things have changed since I went to university. For starters, the lecturers are funny! Plus they are surrounded by technology – huge screens and the latest whiz bang presentations. I guess in this day and age, if the messages aren’t delivered quickly and with lots of ‘sparkle’ the audience lose interest.

I don’t know what she’ll ultimately do but I know that she’s expected to share her reading with me. And if she ends up in archaeology, I’ll come along on a dig even if it’s just making the coffee.


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