Water, water everywhere


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There’s water everywhere and it’s not the good kind. You know the sort – running water into a glass when you’re really thirsty, the sound of the waves crashing on the ocean, that peculiar gurgle the rain makes as it’s channelled into the water tank and even the shower as it washes away the dirt and grime from the day. No, this wasn’t the good kind of water. This was like a plague of water themed events culminating in a terrible flooding of the brand new carpet.

For the past few years now the house I lived in seemed to attract water problems. You wouldn’t think that a house with a predominantly cactus garden would attract water issues but it’s true; recently I’ve had a leaking toilet, a leaking basin under the sink and, repairmen aside, the patio floods each and every time it rains.

So I had hoped that when I moved house I would leave this trait … or this karmic attraction … well behind.

It all started last week when I woke up to a thunderstorm. Not an unusual event I’ll grant you but the removalists were expected at 9am for our shift from one side of town to the other. I didn’t panic, not initially, but as the lightening got worse and the rain bucketed down I started to prepare for a very wet day. I reorganised where the truck should park, it was a tight spot with a wasp nest close by, but this way the furniture and boxes wouldn’t get drenched, just a little damp. I had towels at the ready and I mentally prepared myself for the mud that would likely be tramped through both homes. My preparations went into overdrive when the removalist rang to delay the start by 30 minutes – apparently they can’t work in lightening and, well, between it and the thunder, the buildings were shaking. At 9am I looked outside to see a small patch of blue between the clouds, by 9.15am the clouds where shifting quickly to the east and by 9.30am the sun was shining and barely a cloud was left overhead. Like a fairy tale the sky went from a dark scary black to a beautiful wistful blue. Everyone relaxed and the move went smoothly.

After our first night in the new home, I opened the bathroom cabinet to start unpacking and discovered a pool of water on the shelf. The plumber who installed the brand new cabinet hadn’t tightened things properly, so I sorted that one quite easily.

Two days later I tackled the growing pile of washing. Turning on the water taps I heard the noise before I saw the water spitting out the taps, start guzzling and running down the pipes under the machine. Frantically I turned the taps off, grabbed towels and started mopping. Tentatively I turned one tap back on, just as a test and curiously there was no more water. Quick phone call to dad and we decided the washers were probably dry and would need to be changed. Daringly I still did a few loads of washing (watching the whole time) and there were no more leaks.

So the day came when dad was going to help me change the washers. Pathetic I know but I haven’t done it in a while, don’t have the tools and as it turns out, wouldn’t have been able to shift any of the taps as they were on so tight. Given the washing machine was not leaking now we didn’t change those washers but did tackle the dripping laundry tub.

Not long after dad left I went upstairs to have a shower. Turned on hot tap to the shower, heard a small bubble but didn’t think much. Turned on the cold tap and leapt back as water charged out the shower head forcing it upwards, tracing a pattern up the glass panel, over the panel onto the window blinds and spraying across the ceiling before returning to its normal position. After cleaning that mess I really thought I’d seen it all but no and this is where we come back to the start of my story.

Late that night my daughter calls me upstairs uttering the words that anyone with carpet dreads.

“Mom, why is the carpet wet?”

Wet was an understatement, the carpet was soaked in a square patch right outside the toilet door. By the time I’d walked across it, trying to get to the toilet to find the source of the leak, the hem of my pants were soaked. I felt all over the toilet but couldn’t find the source, the tap was wet but there were no obvious leaks just a lot of water. Grabbing towels we start soaking up the mess – towel after towel after towel went onto the carpet but still it felt soaked. Finally after every dry towel in the house was drenched I dragged out the hairdryer.

So what was the source of this disaster? I suspect it was the same air bubble that blew the shower head upwards as there hasn’t been any further leakage however the carpet is still damp and I think will likely take a day or two to dry out properly.

I hope this will be the end of it but I suspect there’s a fairy godmother out there having a little giggle, trying to teach me something that I’m just not grasping.


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