A frosty walk


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We woke to a beautiful clear and crisp morning. As the dogs and I got ready for our walk I wondered how many layers I’d need. It was -4 but with a clear blue sky I knew there was a risk I’d warm up quickly. I looked out the window down at the neighbour’s trees – the frost was a heavy one and lay like a crisp white shawl across the tops of the trees, all the leaves frozen in time. Four layers out to do it.

It’s not quite winter. It’s that halfway mark between cold mornings and warm autumn days to freezing mornings with sunny days that can be very warm if you find the right spot.

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Autumn is a strong contender for my favourite season. Mild days where the nights are cool enough to start back on hearty soups and stews. The array of colours as the leaves change colour and the grass greens with the autumn rains. But now we’re at the pointy end, the last gasp of warm days before winter really sets in. I shouldn’t complain, although Canberra gets very cold our winters are still mild compared to other parts of the world.

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This morning though was hard to walk in. Even with four layers and gloves I found the air biting at available skin and working its way between the thinner layers to sting my skin. As we set out I felt sorry for the dogs – I thought their paws would have really felt the cold but they didn’t seem to mind running through the leaves and not hesitating to walk across the crunchy grass. Without a breeze it was easier to find the warmth during the sunny parts of the walk but each time we stepped into the shade all three of us sped up just a little (or I did and they got dragged along).

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About half way I finally felt warm but was still without feeling in some of my fingers. I checked the temperature on my phone and it was finally nudging the positive side of zero.

The frost created some amazing views across the pond as pockets that were still sheltered from the sun were the backdrop to a wisp of fog that was settled gently across the top of the water. Contrast this with the icy blue sky deepening in colour ever so slowly as the day warmed up. I wished I’d had my camera but it would have been difficult to use with gloves on!

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The dogs were having a wonderful time, the frost must have changed the regular smells as they scurried alone nose down and tails up frantic to find the source. Cassie as usual tried to leap into the water to chase the birds – as a dog that hates having baths she would have had a rude shock if I’d let her jump in.

It was a glorious autumn day and the dogs spent the rest of it lying at the window warming up in the sunshine. The photos on the blog are from a weekend earlier in autumn – a day designed for lazy walks and regular stops unlike today.

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