Watching the world go by


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What are you staring at sweet girl? You sit there on your nice soft blanket gazing out the window at the arrival of the day. You are still and peaceful, occasionally your ears perk up as a car goes past or a waking bird sings.

Are you watching the soft tendrils of sun slowly creep over the houses in front? As you sit there the day dawns and the light shifts from a warm soft glow revealing the apricot highlights in your coat to a strong yellow beam that warms the window you gaze through. If you stayed longer I’m sure the light would be white hot as the sun clears the buildings and glares at us from high in the sky.

Occasionally you sigh, resting your head on your paw or the windowsill but you’re still alert. I can see your brow twitching as you shift your focus from one part of the landscape to another. I watch your body but even it isn’t entirely relaxed – your back legs tense as if you are about to leap to your feet, the very end of your tail occasionally lifts of the ground as if ready to wave but you move it back and forth maybe once or twice before it relaxes again.

I imagine you are watching the world go by, at peace with the quiet and the gentle ambience. You are waiting patiently for my attention as you know that shortly we’ll head out for our walk and you’ll be outside in the space you monitor so closely.

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Your head lifts, one ear flipped backwards and your nose twitches. Are you about to bark? No, you turn to look at me sighing as you note I haven’t moved from my morning coffee and gradually you relax once more.

Suddenly you spring to your feet. You can hear voices. A low growl comes deep from within your belly and bit by bit I watch your body tense. Your head is pushed against the window as if you could leap through if you pushed hard enough, you’re standing square but your back legs are tense ready to charge. Your tail that was only moments ago swinging lazily in response to me calling your name, is taught and upright, no longer friendly.

And it begins – the hysterical violent barking telling that no good dog outside that he doesn’t belong here. The innocent soul enjoying a walk with its human turns his head, a lopsided grin on his face and tail wagging furiously. Is he egging you on Cassie or inviting you to play? You decide he’s teasing you and your outrage is clear as you mount the window sill determined to teach this dog a lesson.

Its six o’clock in the morning and another outraged soul erupts from her bedroom however you are oblivious to my loud whisper telling you to stop. You turn with triumph blazing on your face, tail wagging and prance over to me to talk all about your latest victory. I am torn between outrage and love, you look so happy that I have to smile.

Your apparent relaxed pose at the window has little to do with enjoying the world go by. Instead you are plotting your next attack, waiting in anticipation of the next dog to walk past, bird to sit on the tree or child riding their bike.

Silly little you, if you were nose to nose it would be a very different story. In fact, you probably don’t realise the dog you just barked at is the same dog you kissed joyfully on our walk yesterday.

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