Adventure on a winter’s day


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Finally after weeks of horrible weather on the weekends we’ve got the perfect winters day for an adventure. Lately it seems like every weekend has been windy, frosty, foggy or gloomy while every day at work I’ve caught ten or fifteen minutes of gorgeous still blue days during a rapid fire lunch break. Well today was the day for a glorious winter’s day on a weekend.

I first realised it when I woke to -2, always a good sign. And sure enough by 10am the sky was a brilliant blue and there wasn’t even a gentle breeze to remind me of the snow on the Brindabellas.

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It was perfect for an adventure walk with the dogs. I call them adventure walks because it’s somewhere we haven’t been for a while or the dogs haven’t been to at all. The walk is full of new smells to follow, new animals to say hello to or, as with today, new animals to watch from afar.

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For over an hour we wandered around Weston Park, Yarralumla, following paths we’d never been down before. Cody was adamant he had to leave a message on every clump of grass, base of every tree and within the leaves of every bush. Cassie was determined to eat her way through everything from grass to Kangaroo droppings – of which there were plenty.

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It was an idyllic day for wandering, taking in the scent of the eucalyptus and wattle as the sun heated the leaves. I wasn’t in a hurry; this wasn’t one of those walks where we race from start to finish in order to exercise our bodies. No, this was a leisurely stroll enjoying the warmth of the sun, the brilliant blue of the sky reflected in the lake and just to breath in the fresh air.

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The dogs were both confused and excited by all the animals we saw. A mob of kangaroos were lying in the sun taking in the comings and goings of humans enjoying the weather. Two black swans were gliding way out on the lake, so far away but still too close for Cassie. Meanwhile a miniature pony and a lamb talked to us through the fence at the kids park.

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We finished our walk with a run around the dog park. It was busy with all types of dogs barking and chasing, saying hello to one another before racing off after another, their owners finding the sunny bits to stand in and stay warm.

It was a wonderful morning and now Cassie and Cody are stretched out on the couch in the sun exhausted from all their fun.

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